Sunday, December 11, 2005


Using the partial ERD of a restaurant with entities ORDER, FOOD ITEM, AND CUSTOMER, identify the attributes for each entity.
If possible, indicate whether the attribute is mandatory or optional. Can you pick out the UIDs for each entity?

ORDER----- order number, price
FOOD ITEM----- single price, food name
CUSTOMER----- last name, first name, address

1.what does this report mean?
2.what data was collected?
3.what information does this table provide? do tou think these data are used?
5.generate five conclusions based on the data provided.
6.generate three questions that you could ask about the data provided.

1.the report shows the situation of the sale of different foods and the source of sales
2. 12/02/2003
3. numbers of the different foods sales and numbers of defferent source sales which kind of food is popular and which group is the major customers
5.a. the students are the mojar customers
b. hamburger/taco bar is the most popular food
c. pizza bar is more popular
d. faculty/staff aslo buy foods
e. the fewest customers that buy foods and foods comparing to last days at last day
6.a. why fewer faculty/staff buy foods?
b. why is hamburger/taco bar most popular?
c. why do fewest foods sold at last day?


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