Monday, February 13, 2006

1. Using the three separate words "Oracle," "Internet," and "Academy," use one command to produce the following output: The Best Class Oracle Internet Academy

---- SELECT CONCAT('Oracle',' Internet')//' Acameny' AS"The Best Class"
From dual;

2. Use the string "Oracle Internet Academy" to produce the following output: The Net net

---- SELECT SUBSTR('Oracle Internet Academy',13,3)AS"The Net"
FROM dual;

3. What is the length of the string "Oracle Internet Academy"?

---- SELECT LENGTH('Oracle Internet Academy')
FROM dual;

4. What's the position of " I " in "Oracle Internet Academy"?

---- SELECT INSTR('Oracle Internet Academy','I')
FROM dual;

5. Starting with the string "Oracle Internet Academy", pad the string to create ?***Oracle****Internet****Academy****

---- SELECT LPAD(RPAD('Oracle',10,'*')RPAD('Internet',12,'*')RPAD('Academy',11,'*'),37,'*')
FROM dual;
6. Starting with the string "Oracle Internet Academy", pad the string to produce Oracle$$$Internet$$$Academy

---- SELECT RPAD(SUBSTR('Oracle Internet Academy',1,6),9,'$')RPAD(SUBSTR('Oracle Internet Academy',8,8),11,'$')SUBSTR('Oracle Internet Academy',17,7)
FROM dual;

7. Using the string 'Oracle Internet Academy', produce the output shown using the REPLACE function.

---- SELECT REPLACE('Oracle Internet Academy','Internet','2004-2005')AS"The Best Class"
FROM dual;

8. List the order date and the order total from the Global Fast Foods F_ORDERS table. Name the order total as TOTAL, and fill in the empty spaces to the left of the order total with $.

---- SELECT order_date,LPAD('order total',16,'$') AS"TOTAL"

9. Write a query that will output a column called ADDRESS?which has the following information: ZOE TWEE 1009 OLIVER AVENUE BOSTON, MA 12889. Use the Global Fast Foods F_CUSTOMERS table.

----select first_name' 'last_name' 'Address' 'city', 'state' 'zip "ADDRESS"
from f_customerswhere id=456


Blogger Henry Ruan said...

Good. Keep working hard!

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ok very good thank you!
but have you number 10 + 11 + 12??

3:23 AM  
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